Terms of Use


Terms of Use

■Website Terms of Use
By accessing and viewing our company's website (referred to as "this website" below), you agree to be constrained by the following use conditions and related laws. If you do not agree to these conditions please refrain from using the website.

[1] Scope of Use
Unless separately agreed upon by our company, ownership of all content on this website (referred to as "this content" below) remains with our company or CGL has the right to publish such content. Users are free to view this content (images, sound, text, etc.), but are prohibited from using (reproducing, distributing, altering, sending publically, reusing, forwarding, etc.) this content without the consent of CGL, for any reason or means.

[2] Guarantee of Content
While CGL strives to ensure content accuracy, including future predictions are accurate and up-to-date, CGL does not make any guarantees to its accuracy and does not take any responsibility for errors. In addition, this content has been provided without any guarantees, whether implicit or explicit, to the compatibility, marketability, infringement, etc. to a specific purpose.

[3] Linked Websites
CGL has not confirmed content on any third-party websites (referred to as "linked websites" below) that have a link on our website or are linked to our website. CGL is not responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of using linked websites or details included on such websites. CGL does not guarantee the products or services on linked third-party websites on the CGL website, nor does CGL guarantee the information on such linked websites.

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