CGL-GIT W-branding

CGL & GIT W-branding

To promote the interests of the gem and jewelry industry, the consumers of Japan, as well as the exporters of Thailand, and to further the technical and scientific collaboration between CGL and GIT (The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand), a Letter of Intent (LOI) for Science and Technology Co-operation was signed in September 2011. Since then, the parties have exchanged information concerning new gem testing techniques, including the detection of treatments.

As a consequence of this collaboration, in October 2016, CGL and GIT have agreed to launch a gemstone report to be issued under the joint name for rubies and sapphires, whether heated or not, classifying and standardizing the color range.
Issuance of these reports is the result of considerable collaboration on identification techniques for Ruby and Sapphire.

The face-up appearance of a polished diamond is often described in terms of its brilliancy (internal and external reflections of "white" light seen in a polished diamond), fire (the light dispersed into spectral colors in a polished diamond), and scintillation (the light seen in a polished diamond when viewed face-up that flash as the diamond, observer, or light source moves). Diamond Spark makes it possible to also see the symmetry of light (equal distribution of light that reflects from a diamond) and how the light expands (the angular spread of reflected light) which have an effect on the beauty of a diamond's luster.
The diamond spark created from its scintillation, brilliancy and dispersion are incredibly unique.

International Gem Identification Report

Important reminder

This report is intended for overseas use and is prepared according to language and standards established internationally used/suggested by the Laboratory Manual Harmonization Committee (LMHC). The descriptions used may differ from the language and standards recommended by the Association of Gemmological Laboratories Japan (AGL).

Launching date

May 1st, 2017

Handling branch

Tokyo Branch

The fees for identification report

Gem Identification (Report with Photograph)

Size (ct.)

Price (US$)*

Up to 2.99ct.

US$70 (JP¥ 8,000)

3 to 6.99ct.

US$120 (JP¥ 14,000)

7ct. and above

US$180 (JP¥ 20,000)

*Remarks: All prices are exclusive of Consumption Tax for Japan or 7% VAT for Thailand and any other taxes and fees.

【 About LMHC 】
The Laboratory Manual Harmonisation Committee (LMHC) is comprised of representatives from the following gemmological laboratories located in Europe, USA and Asia: CGL (Japan), CISGEM Laboratory(Italy), DSEF German Gem Lab(Germany), GIA Laboratory(USA), GIT-Gem Testing Laboratory(Thailand), Gübelin Gem Lab Ltd.(Switzerland), Swiss Gemmological Institute – SSEF(Switzerland)

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