Laser Inscription Service

Laser Inscription Service

We accept consignments for inscribing report numbers, product numbers, personal messages, anniversaries, company names and aliases (alphabet) on the girdle of diamonds using the latest laser inscription machine.

This makes it possible to easily confirm the identity of a diamond.
Inscribing the grading report number, product number, etc. onto the diamond increases its uniqueness which gives the end user a sense of ease and a great feeling of satisfaction. It is easy to confirm the identity of a diamond and it avoids unnecessary trouble when changing the frame, adjusting the size, etc.
We can include the details of the inscription and a photo in the grading report or identification report on your request.

Grading Report Inscription Photo

14 alphanumeric characters count as one unitunit and exceeding this will incur additional charges.
Spaces count as one character.

*Inscriptions on gems with incredibly small girdles may not be possible. This is especially true for items that are 0.199ct or less.


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