Report featuring the internal beauty of gemstones

Report featuring the internal beauty of gemstones

If you have studied gem identification, you would know how magically beautiful the world is inside of a gem when observed through a microscope. For example, the report not only hints at where three-phase emerald inclusions and silk ruby inclusions are created scientifically, but also acts as a bridge for you to experience the wonderful artistic world created by nature like the world of inclusions inside stones that cannot be interfered with by man. Each stone owned by our customers has its own internal world and those of us involved in identification thought long and hard about how we could convey this mysterious world to regular users.
That is why we started including photos of inclusions in the gems owned by customers that are enlarged tens or even hundreds of times in our reports that we issue to show the beautiful internal world of gems that couldn't be conveyed with just an ordinary report. Customers can request this service in addition to the normal identification report and it will be included on A5 sized paper along with the identification report in the triple fold cover.

Gem Identification Report

A report with photos of the following inclusions can currently be issued.

- Silk inclusions in natural rubies and sapphires
- Three-phase inclusions in natural emeralds
- Demantoid garnet horsetail inclusions
- Chrysoberyl cat's eye tubular inclusions
- Crystalline inclusions in diamonds

Gem Identification and Diamond Grading Price Table

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